dangerous do not do these 7 things when tired (number 2 is often done)

When you are too excessive in the activity of the body will give a reaction in the form of fatigue. Rest is one of the best ways to overcome fatigue.

When tired, the body is often not able to perform various other activities. Eyes start wistful, body is not energized, and energy is drained to make you not excited.this indicates that your immune system is down, When the immune system is down, there are things that should not be done because it can be harmful to health.

In these conditions, you should do various things that can be exciting. Reporting from Boldsky, Saturday (24/2), there are ten things that must be avoided when the body is exhausted. What are they? Check out the following:

Napping for hours longer is not a good thing. Napping too long can make it more difficult to sleep at night. It will make you feel tired the next day. Should nap for 20 to 30 minutes, but should not be more than that.

2. Drinking coffee
Drinks that contain caffeine, especially coffee is known to make you fresh and restore your spirits.but the excessive caffeine consumed in the adjacent time lag will affect your resting time pattern.
It makes you difficult to rest and you will become more tired.

3. Doing strenuous exercise
Exercising in tired moments is a waste of time and energy.just do some light exercise like walking and cycling for a few minutes.
If you force yourself to do some strenuous exercise, you may get injured later on.

4. Eat Junk Food
When your body is tired and tired, you tend to choose high-calorie fatty foods.but this may be unhealthy and lead to weight gain.
If you really want to order fast food, look for healthy foods and certainly not delicious, like steamed vegetables with chicken or brown rice.

5.drinking Alcohol
If you think that drinking a glass of wine or wine before bed will make you fall asleep more quickly, then this is completely wrong.
That's because drinking alcohol before bed will disrupt REM sleep (the deepest type of sleep) that will make you wake up at dawn or midnight.

6.wait until really tired
Often, when the body feels tired you do not immediately stop the activity and rest. Instead, wait until the body is really tired. This will make your health becomes disturbed because excessive fatigue can cause various diseases. For that, when the body has begun to feel tired, do not push yourself immediately rest.

7.Do not Snack Midnight
Do not snack midnight when your body is exhausted. The body will not be able to digest food well when you are tired.so avoid foods such as burgers, chips and greasy foods that can cause stomachs and accumulate nasty fat.

How do 7 things above often you do when tired? If yes stop from now if you do not want to be affected by the negative effects.

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