Danger !!! Do not do these 7 things when bathing

Bathing is everyone's routine, bathing is not only refreshing but also healthy.besides Bath routine will also prevent you from the risk of skin diseases, to improve mood.
Danger when bathing

In the bath, there are some habits that we often do, namely rubbing the body, rubbing the head, and give a massage on the skin is believed to be healthy and remove all the remaining dirt and bacteria attached.

However, in certain circumstances, the bath turned out to be a dangerous activity for us, it is based on a study conducted by medical teams origin Tulane University, as quoted from the page Reader'sDigest, there written that there are some wrong bathing habits and for this is done a lot of people.when you do these habits will be dangerous for yourself. So what are those habits? These are the six activities that are prohibited when doing bathing. Because, quite dangerous.

1. Scrubbing the scalp

When bathing and shampooing, many people are often rubbing or massaging the scalp with a fingernail. It is quite comfortable, but the fact is not so.when you too often do these habits, it will potentially tear the scalp. When it is torn, then the detergent liquid from the shampoo will go into the skin cells and the consequences are quite alarming.

2. Turn on electronic equipment

If your bathroom has an electrical connection, whether it's for a hairdryer or hot water, you should not light up when there's lightning, says Mary M. Cooper, M.D., a researcher at the Injury Research Unit at the University of Illinois at Chicago.lightning can grab a flow of electricity and can be fatal and damage electronic equipment and not impossible to grab you when you use it.

3. Using an old shower

Nearly a third of the showers contain potentially harmful bacteria for us, according to a study from the University of Colorado at Boulder.
This caused shower and an old shower age has a corner and a gap that is an ideal place for the growth of microbes.
Even if you clean the old showerhead with bleach, but this will not affect, bacteria will still grow again.

4. Soaking in warm water

Bathing or bathing in warm water is very delicious, especially if done at night. However, if done too long and too often will be bad for health. Because, with temperatures that are too hot, the pores and natural oils on the skin will be eroded by itself so as to reduce humidity.therefore, do not be too long and too often soak in warm water, do it naturally.

5. Too long

Keep in mind that in the bathroom there are so many bacteria that nest so you are not allowed to linger in the bathroom.In addition, the temperature in the bathroom is also very humid and cenderug cold, this will cause the flu if you are too long inside. Therefore, bathing just and not too long.

6. Shower without mat

The mat meant here is a serrated mat that is usually made of plastic.according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report in the United States, there are more than 230,000 injuries in the bathroom each year. Nearly 20 percent is due to slipping events.

7. There are still foam mark
When you finish rubbing your body with soap, then rinse it thoroughly clean. Make sure that no foam is left behind.because, if it does occur it will cause irritation to the skin. Generally this happens on the back because the hand is not able to reach that part.

So, do the above activities often you do? If so, start now stop doing it if you do not want to endanger yourself.

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