9 Benefits of swimming Best Way to Burn Fat

there is no doubt that swimming is one of the best ways to burn fat and lose weight and you can burn about 500 calories per hour when you swim after all it works your whole body yet it's gentle on joints reducing the risk of injury and you don't need to worry about the smell of hot sweaty armpits afterwards now in this article I will share with you 9 awesome benefits of swimming swimming burns in mega calories did you know swimming burns approximately 500 to 750 calories per hour based on 150 pound woman these calories can be more or less dependent on your weight and your stroke style if you combine your swimming workout with healthy eating you will achieve weight loss and feel great

benefits of swimming

swimming helps you stay flexible
swimming requires you to reach stretch twist and pull your way through the water your ankles become fins and are stretched with each kick as you push off against the liquid pressure this doesn't you shouldn't still stretch on your own but repetitive stretching found in your various strokes also helps with flexibility

swimming strengthens muscles
the resistance of water can be forty four times greater than air meaning you have to work harder to move through it it's like working out with weights or machines without the need for expensive equipment which makes women an affordable way to strengthen yourmuscles

swimming is healthy for your heart
swimming also helps improve the most important muscle in our bodies the heart because swimming is an aerobic exercise it serves to strengthen the heart not only helping it become larger but making it more efficient in pumping which leads to better blood flow throughout your body

swimming is sweat free
as a swimmer you'll never get overheated or feel sweaty because the water around you is constantly cooling you down

swimming reduces stress
swimming is a great way to release tension and stress  

swimming is easy on the joints
 for anyone who suffers from joint pain low-impact exercise like swimming is an ideal form of exercise swimming has mental health benefits too not only will taken a dip in the pool help you get physically fit but it can help to keep your mind in good shape to rhythmic and aerobic forms of exercise just like swimming have been proven to help with depression plus adding a swim into your routine is a great way to unwind after a hard day

 swimming improves your mood
 it doesn't matter what exactly is your swimming level swimming can make you feel better and improve your mental health, so smile and go swimming.

so what are you waiting for go get your swimsuit and hit the water there's nothing like diving into the pool to get your body and your mind in shape and make this summer the best one yet

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