5 benefits of regular exercise for beauty

Who says exercise is only beneficial for heart health or is it useful only for lowering the body? Did you know, exercise was also beneficial for skin health? How come? What are the benefits of sports for beauty? Just read this article if you want to find out.

Best benefits exercise for beauty

By exercising the look of your skin will be healthier, radiant and beautiful that you can not get in any way other than exercising.all kinds of sports from starting to go to the gym, yoga or just hiking in the jungle can make a person stay physically active and you can get not only weight loss or muscle gain but also changes that start to look on your skin.

According to Ellen Marmur, MD, professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, physical activity such as exercise that can make the blood circulation becomes more fluid not only can help maintain body fitness, but also can
maintain skin health.

If you include people who have many problems with the skin, such as dull skin, acne, and others, one of the best ways to prevent the problem so as not to get worse is to exercise regularly.and the following sports benefits for your skin beauty:

1. Sweating while exercising will make the skin cleaner

Maybe you feel disgusted when your skin sweat a lot.but you need to know, that the sweat that came out during exercise is different! Sweat that comes out while exercising it actually makes your skin so much healthier and cleaner.

By the time you exercise, sweat glands will produce a lot of sweat coming out of the skin pores.thus, the dirt that is locked in the skin pores will get pushed out by the sweat, so that the pores will come back clean and fresh.

After you finish the exercise immediately wash the dirt that had been out earlier.

2.prevent the appearance of acne

The appearance of acne on the face is not only caused by dirt that accumulate on the skin only.
Acne can also appear because you are experiencing stress, so the production of hormones and oil in the body so out of control, and eventually arise in the skin.

Experts believe how to quickly stress stress is to exercise because with exercise the body and your brain will be relaxed, but it also produces endorphin hormones that can make you feel happy.

3.prevent premature aging

Exercise increases the production of collagen in the skin thus preventing premature aging. Why is that ? Because collagen serves to maintain the elasticity and strength of the skin.

Therefore, exercise regularly to keep skin prosduksi collagen continues to increase and premature aging can be inhibited.

4.tighten sagging skin

Because Exercise can form the formation of muscles in the body, the skins are loosened slowly will return to tighten to follow the shape of your muscle, so that your skin and body look so much more attractive.

5. Launch oxygen circulation

Smooth blood circulation in the body will supply enough oxygen and nutrients for the skin.if the skin receives adequate oxygen and nutrient supply, the skin will be well maintained.

Your skin will always be moist and look even brighter.regular exercise light every day will bring a positive impact on skin health.

How it turns out that exercise has many benefits for beauty, so exercise regularly to keep your body and skin healthy.

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