Different Treatment Methods For Anxiety

Because a lot of individuals today do not like consuming medications for their disorders, they often opt for alternative medication for their anxiety. This includes aromatherapy, acupuncture, herbal health supplements and meditation. These will work well if the anxiety is not excessive and there is no major elemental depression that is leading to the anxiety.

Different Treatment Methods For Anxiety

We all get anxious once in a while – we wouldn’t be human if we did not have some anxiety in our lives. But some individuals have excessive anxiety while others have mild anxiety. The significant difference would be someone who encountered repeated anxiety attacks caused by an underlying illness such as obsessive compulsive disorder or panic disorder. These circumstances cannot be mixed with persons who suffer from anxiety over taking a math test.

In cases where the anxiety is not even as severe to the point where it is stopping someone from doing their every day business, they may try the Linden method treatment before they recourse to medications. Some of the alternate means of treatment include:

Herbal supplements

The Linden Method recommends using Kava , St. John’s Wort, Valerian and Sam-e are all herbal treatment options that have been known to quell minor anxiety and sadness. Kava has a very calming result and can be used a few days a week to help with minor anxiety. St. John’s Wort is more effective in treating depression, that often goes with anxiety. Valerian and Sam-e of the newest herbal supplements that have shown potential in helping with anxiety attacks. However, you must not take these supplements along with prescription treatment plan and if you find that they are not helping you, you should talk to your doctor about another alternative. These herbal improvement products are made for those with mild to reasonable anxiety and sadness and not for those with extreme disorders.


Aromatherapy is the anxiety healing art of inhaling infused oils that will get inside your bloodstream and treat whatsoever ails you. Aromatherapy can also be practiced when mixed with all other oils as a massage oil. Many people pledge by this type of therapy in that it does them wonders. Again, this type of alternative therapy is made for those who have mild to moderate types of anxiety or depression.


Acupuncture is a way that some men and women use to free themselves of all kinds of problems, as well as anxiety and depression. Acupuncture has been around for many of years and can help cure aches, pains and even headaches. Some people who suffer from depression or anxiety swear to it by this healing method which has its roots in old China.


Traumas and fears are frequently the numerous emotional disorders the Linden method treatment uses meditation to diffuse its effects. Meditation is yet another way that you could help yourself overcome your anxiety attacks. Meditation is something that has been around for countless numbers of years and is often connected with Hinduism or Buddhism. But it is also very good for finding peace of mind when you are trying to relax. You can take a class in meditation or you can view a DVD to learn how to master this ancient eastern method.

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