Acne Scar: How to recognize an early acne scar

how to recognize an early acne scar

Acne scars can be a serious problem. Acne is a skin disorder which mostly affects teenagers and youngsters in their twenties and is seen in less than five percent cases amongst the older adults. Usually it is easy to recover from acne without any long lasting effect, but sometimes acne leave behind unwanted disfiguring acne scars behind. Various treatment options are available for treating acne scars, like topical creams, home remedies or surgical procedures. The choice of treatment depends upon intensity of the scar.

How to recognize an early acne scar: Once acne, which can be a pimple or a zit, has healed, hyper pigmentation may occur on the skin thus leaving a reddened mark. This is however not the scar. This is in fact the necessary post-inflammatory change that is observed as the skin goes through the remodeling process.

The skin heals normally, given no more acne or lesions develop in the same area. This whole healing process does not however last for more than an year. Any skin defect which persists for more than 1 year can be considered as a scar.

How to prevent early acne scars: If you have had acne burst outs recently and want to prevent any scar from developing, the best way is to make sure that no further acne lesions develop again on the same regions. This can be done by going for appropriate acne treatments and taking necessary precautions to prevent further eruption of pimples, zits or whiteheads.

Treating Acne scars at an early stage: Acne scars can be treated at an early stage by catalyzing skin’s natural healing process by adopting certain measures to improve the skin condition. Some of these measures are listed below:

  • Always make sure that you apply sunscreen on your sensitive skin. Sun rays can be very damaging for the sensitive regions if left unprotected.
  • Tretinoin containing products are known to be quite effective in speeding up the skin’s healing process and assisting the post-inflammatory changes.
  • Picking, poking, popping or pinching the scabs can damage the skin to a large extent and the damage can be permanent. A lot of acne scars in many people are reported due to such activities. Pulling the scab off the skin earlier than required can interfere with the natural remodeling activity of the body. This can lead to undesirable changes in the skin which may eventually lead to acne scars.

Acne scars thus can be prevented as well as treated by taking necessary precautions and adopting appropriate methods of treatment.

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