4 These Bad Habits Make Face Look Fast Old, (Number 4 Often Done)

The aging process is an inevitable certainty. However, humans can still try to slow down the process.
adequate rest, applying SPF to prevent UV radiation, and wearing night cream before bed is good for your skin.

In addition to the above you also have to pay attention to your lifestyle because There are some habits at night that we still do, and in fact accelerate the arrival of the effects of aging.

 Bad Habits Make Face Look Fast Old

1. Not cleaning makeup and face
Even if you are very tired, do not forget to always clean the makeup and wash your face with soap before bed. This habit will keep your face clean of the rest of the makeup and dirt on the face.

2. Lazy to wash my face
Washing face before bed is very important to remove dirt, sweat, and the rest of the makeup that sticks to the face.sweating, or wearing makeup, causing clogged pores and the occurrence of acne.

especially if you are the owner of oily face, lazy to wash your face will actually make your face more oily. should use a really powerful facial cleanser clean the pores for fresh skin, and able to perform the regeneration process well at night.

3. Drink less water
The hydration process is also important for the skin. water is an important component of the skin and the structure beneath it. If you are dehydrated, the skin will lose its elasticity.

Dehydration causes dry skin to appear wrinkled and cause a hollow in the eye area.vyou should consume at least six glasses of water every day.

4. Sleeping on his stomach
Sleeping on his stomach is very comfortable. But this habit turned out to make the eyes become swollen because of the gravity that attracts fluid in the face flowing down and accumulate in the eye.

Over time, this can make the skin become loose and lose collagen.
should sleep in supine position to reduce this gravitational effect.

Now you are aware often do to the four things above? if so, immediately change the above to be good habit, good for your skin health.

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