How To Regrow Thinning Hair, Try 7 tips below !!!

Thinning hair is a condition when your hair tends to loose or fall out, this condition for some people becomes a serious problem.

It is undeniable that everyone can have different hair types. Some are born with the condition of thin hair, some are born with thick hair.but it is not impossible for people with thick hair to experience unexpected thinning of hair.

Treattment Thinning hair

Unlike hair loss in general, thinning hair usually does not cause baldness. Only, the hair will be seen rarely so that the scalp more clearly visible.
Thinning hair generally occurs gradually.therefore, you still have a chance to overcome them.

Before proceeding to the discussion how to cope with thinning hair should first identify the cause of your hair began to thin and some of the things below are usually the cause of thinning hair:

  • Have an infection or certain skin disorders.
  • Hereditary factors
  • Use hard hair care products like hair spray
  • Hormonal changes such as when menstruating
  • Losing excess weight
  • Uncontrolled stress
  • Excessive hair styling
  • Consume less iron and folic acid
  • Treatment of autoimmune diseases

After recognizing the cause that happened to you, try some tips below and adjust to the cause.

How to cope with thinning hair

1. Stop the hair styling that actually has a bad effect
Improper structuring hair sometimes even make your hair thinner let alone the excessive arrangement such as pematokan and curling.

2.consume foods that can trigger hair growth
Eating-foods containing protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin B12 can stimulate hair growth. So perbanyaklah consume foods that contain substances above. Examples include meat, vegetables and fish.

3. Avoid stress
Stress can be a trigger for many diseases, including thinning of hair.therefore, you need to try to relieve stress in various ways. Either with vacations, sports, or meditation.
Try to keep your mind relaxed despite having a problem, so that the body remains healthy, including scalp.

4. Do not go on a strict diet
Strict diet can menybabkan body lack of substances that are needed especially needed by the hair. If you want to diet, do a proper diet or a healthy diet.

5. Do not dry hair with hairdrayer too often
The use of hairdrayer that too often can make your hair dehydrated as a result of your hair will be should let your hair dry out on its own.

6. Use the right shampoo
Incorrect use of shampoo usually will trigger your hair experience loss, so do not bergnti gnti shampoo use shampoo if it is suitable for your hair and if it is suitable do not change again.

7.consult a doctor
If you do not feel doing something that causes unhealthy hair, but still your hair thinning should consult a doctor so you will get the right countermeasures.

Try some tips above, do not be lazy Your hair is your crown so do not let your crown does not look beautiful.

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